I believe that as a Christian, I must extend the kingdom of God, and through Christ—and only through him—we will be victorious. To take the world for Jesus is my aim.

Sadly, the culture here in America is saturated with worldliness and paganism. And like a fish in water, most of us don't realize how deep we've sunk in the well of worldliness.

My goal with this blog is to take a decidedly Christian worldview on everyday life, and I pray that it would open the eyes of many to the worldliness the American church is drowning in.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, get in touch with me on the contact page.

About the Author

I am the second of nine homeschooled children (yes, I know, my parents are legends). As a child of God, I seek to glorify him in everything I do. I enjoy many things, but a few of those are coding, ham-radio, writing, theology, and learning new things. I do most of my coding in JS, TS, Dart, and Go.

Friend's Blogs:

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