A Change of Direction

Life Sep 25, 2021

When I started this blog several months ago, my focus was literature. Since then, I have had a change of direction, and it turns I have lots of other thoughts and ideas that I want to get on paper.

I am primarily going to write about the stuff that is on my mind. But put yourselves at rest. I will not go crazy and post badly-written fantasy or fiction. I will primarily stick to the categories of philosophy and theology. Still, you can also expect other content along the lines of, Homeschooling, the state of affairs in America, Christianity, and ethics.

Now you might say, "Well, Jackson, aren't you breaking all the rules of having a successful blog?" Glad you asked. Success. What even is success? Is success having a few hundred subscribers? Or even a few thousand? Success is relative. I may think I am successful, while you disagree. It is a difference of values. If I value popularity, I am successful when I become famous, but as it turns out, popularity is not my goal. Followers are great, but it's not how I measure success. For me, success is being able to write what I love without limitations—every day.

If you are worried about the volume of emails flooding your inbox now that I will be posting every day, I've got you covered. Every week, I will send out a list of headlines instead of the actual posts.

Everything added up, this is an experiment. What do you think of it? Is it a good idea? I would love feedback. Please, don't be afraid to cast your vote.

I disabled comments not long ago because no one was using them, and they were taking up too much RAM and CPU on my server. Since I am planning on addressing more controversial topics, should I enable them again? Cast your vote.


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